Give Flowers to a Stranger Day

It's August 27th, and according to Betsy's blog (The Kindness of Strangers) it's Give Flowers to a Stranger Day. I read about it last night and decided that we simply must get on board. Since I made a gazillion tissue paper flowers for LJ's party this weekend, I had plenty to choose from. On our way out the door, I grabbed a pretty yellow one. It would be perfect to present to a stranger.

Rather than complete this act myself, I pushed it off on LJ. I thought the stranger might be more receptive if it came from her (and maybe I was just a little intimidated about walking up to a stranger and handing him/her a flower... perhaps it would have been easier if I had a whole bouquet rather than one little tissue paper flower... excuses, excuses). So, I told her that she could pick anyone in the restaurant and give them the flower. She nodded her head and said yes, but she never wanted to give it up.

We ended up leaving it on the table next to the tip.

Next month, I'll be ready. I'll be braver then, too. Watch out strangers. Here I come. ;-)

Kind Regards,

Your Neighbor


  1. :( i am so sad that i am just finding out about this now!!
    i feel like this sort of "holiday" should be on the front page of google or on the news or some such advertisement! oh well, my calender will be marked for next year!
    any who! what a beautiful act of kindness friend and thanks for the heads up about this fantastic day!!!
    moonbeams, star dust and flowers,

  2. Not next year, vintagegirl! Next month. :)

    Betsy says it's the 27th of every month. Why not, right? She's doing a kindness project, too. I found her blog just after starting my own. I think she started this "holiday" in April. So, mark your calendar and join in the fun.

  3. Yay! Another person celebrating GFTAS Day! It is quite a daunting thing to walk up to a stranger and give them something nice, isn't it? Before I did it yesterday I didn't realize how much so! I love the idea of tissue paper flowers too- that'll help me keep celebrating this awesome monthly holiday when my wallet's empty.

  4. Hello- I'm a follower of Betsy's blog... actually we're really good friends. I've learned from her that if you're blogging it feels extra nice to receive notice from those you don't know about your "work" as giver of kindness. So, I say a general "You go, girls!" to you and your daughter from up here in New England! Carry on! SS in New England

  5. Thanks, SS. I'm still pretty new to the world of blogging. So far, I've really enjoyed discovering other people's blogs and finding so many good people out there in the world.

    I look forward to following Jessica's adventures now, too!