Putting LJ to Work

Today was LJ's day to shine. She made this happy, little sand art creation. It was a great craft for a toddler since you just peel the stickers off one at a time and sprinkle the sand everywhere. It was messy, but fun.
Then, I told LJ that we were going to give it to one of our neighbors, and I asked if she wanted to give her a flower, too. LJ got really excited (it doesn't take much) and screamed, "Jes!" We picked out a pretty, pink rose.
We walked down the street to make the delivery. I told LJ that we were going to quietly leave our gifts on the doorstep. She wasn't really into that idea. She gave the door a few good knocks and screamed, "Hellllooooo!!!" (Two-year-olds like to make an entrance.) Our neighbor didn't come to the door so we left the surprises tucked behind the screen. I really enjoyed today's act of kindness. It was great mother/daughter time for us. Hopefully, it brightened someone else's day, too.

Kind Regards,
Your Neighbor

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  1. Hugs to LJ! She did a fabulous job!!